Welding Electrodes

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Part Number : 14644_P

A distinctive graphite coated Ni-Fe alloy electrode specially formulated for the all-positional welding of cast irons.

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Part Number : 10552_P

A general purpose wear resisting alloy steel electrode

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Part Number : 10556_P

Hard martensitic steel electrode for extreme impact and abrasion resistance.

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Part Number : 10535_P

A high strength, low hydrogen E7018 electrode fomulated to achieve optimum mechanical and metallurgical properties.

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Part Number : 10531_P

Low hydrogen for superior root penetration.

  • From RM15.55per KG
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Part Number : 10540_P

An extra low carbon, austenitic electrode with rutile coating for welding corrosion resistant

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Part Number : 10539_P

An austenitic electrode with improved moisture resistant coasting exhibits superior all positional welding except vertical down.

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Part Number : 10575_P

A multi-purpose and specially alloyed electrode formulated for welding of dissimilar steels which are difficult-to-weld or of unknown type.

  • From RM200.00per KG
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