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Gas Equipment

Linde offers an extensive range of Gas Welding & Cutting equipment to suit almost every application.

Cutting Tips & Nozzles

Linde supplies high quality cutting nozzles for both uses of acetylene and LPG in cutting applications. Buy your cutting nozzles online from Linde today.

Cutting Torches

Linde's cutting torches are manufactured against the highest standards for safe and reliable operation during your daily cutting activities. Buy your cutting torches online from Linde today.

Cylinder Handling Equipment

Cylinder trolleys supplied by Linde are sturdy, well-built and ergonomically friendly to handle and maneuever. Buy your cylinder trolleys online from Linde today.

Flashback Arrestors

Linde's Flasback Arrestors are precision-manufactured and individually tested to provide maximum protection when flashback occurs. Buy your flashback arrestors online from Linde today.

Gas Hoses & Fittings

Twin hoses supplied by Linde comply and tested to ISO 3821 standards for safe usage in cutting activities. Buy your twin hoses online from Linde today.